[OUAFT_NAME] Nancy R Smith Photography

[OUAFT_NAME] Nancy R Smith Photography


It is mandatory that this form be digitally signed and submitted before your image(s) will be released. If minor children are photographed, the submission of this form will also grant your release of those images.

After you pay for the commissioning of your image the magic begins. After completion the image will be uploaded to a private gallery for your approval. [depending on the number of orders ahead of you this can take up to one week]

Satisfaction is guaranteed. If it is determined that you cannot be provided with the results that you desire your money will be refunded & your order canceled. ONCE YOU APPROVE YOUR ART THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS. All images will be returned as completed art in digital form. This allows you to print as many times and in any size and media you would like. You will find this much more affordable over having commissioned pieces done where you have to order a specific size in canvas for hundreds of dollars while having to pay for the piece again for additional prints.

Additional versions may be added to your gallery for the option of additional purchases. You are not obligated to choose any of them.

All completed images are for personal use only and cannot be commercially sold/reproduced without written permission from Nancy R Smith.